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"What Mr. Maiullo does onstage is still extremely cool, and not just because that temperature of liquid nitrogen is more than 300 degrees below zero."

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" 'That Physics Show' is a fun and interactive show that everyone should come and see."

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"That Physics Show is an awesome and educational production that has absolutely nothing to do with the holidays, but that doesn't make it any less spectacular. Veteran Rutgers University physics demonstrator David Maiullo doesn't need glitz, glamor or glitter to wow school-age kids with his amazing experiments as he makes balloons burst into flame, soda cans crack and lasers light up the room. Some of the demos are so incredible you may feel like you're watching a magic show. But all of his "tricks" are actually just science, which is the most mind-blowing reveal of all."

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"Based on the hundreds of experiments presented in classrooms across the country, Physics demonstrator Dave Maiullo brings his science/magic interactive performance to the Playroom Theater!"

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"But “That Physics Show” is more than a lecture. The production uses whiz-bang theatrics to entertain and to de-mystify a subject that often causes considerable head-scratching and glazed eyes among high school students (to say nothing of adults).

'Science allows us to expose the things all around us that we don’t normally see,' said Maiullo, a Piscataway resident."

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